About Me

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a master's in Journalism in 2017, and jumped straight into the digital marketing world in Atlanta. I worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist for LYFE Marketing running email marketing and SEO campaigns and designing websites for clients. After 9 months I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond email marketing and SEO and wanted to focus on photography and web design so I began freelancing. Most recently, I worked closely with food blogger and social media guru Nate Mayo (@natedoesfood) taking photos and managing social media accounts for local businesses and restaurants.

I currently work as a bartender at True Food Kitchen in Jacksonville, Florida. I continue to utilize my digital marketing skills by creating websites and managing social accounts for local clients.

I enjoy cooking, traveling, scuba diving and finding the best taco wherever I go!


Hire Me!

My background is in Journalism and Photography but I would love to expand my knowledge in other areas. Ready for whatever opportunity comes my way next!